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Welcome to “Deepshikha” with a heart full of best wishes. Our aim is to make an effort towards improving the quality of life and spreading smiles on the faces of underprivileged children and elderly by helping them in every possible manner.

It’s an unspoken act of affection that we wish to communicate but fail to do so on most occasions. It’s not about the materialistic value but a simple gesture of care towards needy people around us. We are committed to spreading this message by reaching out to more& more people along with you all.

Our appeal to you is to explore your hidden desires & open up your hearts towards needy.

Have a look on photos clicked during various events organized by “Deepshikha” in Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai in India & Nuwakot & Bhaktapur in Nepal and feel the warmth of smiles on their faces.

You can also write these smiles by contributing to “Deepshikha” in any form i.e. cash, cheque, draft, clothing, eatables, toys etc. This may be old or new. Above all you can contribute time also.

We are working hard towards permanent improvements instead of temporary relief with your cooperation.

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